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About Us

In the summer of 2020, America experienced social unrest and street protests in response to years of systemic racism. There is a saying, “we often fear what we don’t understand,” and this phrase rings particularly true in discussions of race and racial relationships. How do we begin learning when there is so much we do not collectively understand? The answer - we must take the first step towards educating ourselves and opening our hearts to diverse people. As a Peace Maker, I believe it is vital to engage in conversations that lead to transformation.



To enrich the academic, social, and emotional growth of underserved youth through meaningful connections with diverse community leaders.


To positively impact underserved communities by offering high-quality volunteerism where children thrive, leaders are nurtured, and both flourish.


Meet the Team

Dr. Michael Patterson and his wife Shawn are a dynamic team and the co-founders of Be A Peace Maker, Inc. Collectively, they are on a mission to provide practical-tools, knowledge, shared experiences, and offer support, which will hopefully lead to healing.  Michael is a Pastor, author, motivational speaker, and an adjunct professor at Morehouse College.  He recently completed his Doctoral degree in Education and Organizational Leadership from Abilene Christian University. Shawn is an author, an accomplished speaker, and a Behavioral Health Specialist, at a mental health agency.  Also, she serves as one of the Women’s Ministry Leaders at The Path Church. Michael has over 15 years of experience as an educator; and both have more than three decades of experience as transformational ministers and community leaders.  They have been married for over 30 years and have two adult children.


Board Members

Dr. Michael Patterson
Founder & CEO,
Be A Peace Maker
Nick Stonestreet
CEO, Ronald Blue Trust
Nate McCray
Senior Manager, Finance Systems and Strategic Development,
Ronald Blue Trust

Our Partners


Our Programs

Learn about our program offerings geared toward educating and equipping you and your organization for community impact.

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