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Our Programs

Learn about our program offerings geared toward educating and equipping you and your organization for community impact.

Peace Maker Ambassadors

Peacemakers Ambassadors are campus students who will undergo a 10-week training series.  Participants will attend workshops and seminars where they will receive training in character development, educational advancement, entrepreneurial, social justice, and community engagement.  The objective is to prepare the next generation of leaders to make a difference in their families, communities, and careers.  Each participant will receive a stipend and after completing the process, they will become certified representatives of the Peacemakers’ mission. We will recruit 12 students from the Atlanta University Center.


Peace Maker Workshops

We design interactive Racial Reconciliation workshops and online courses to accommodate the culture of your organization. We have successfully facilitated discussions regarding, the African American experience, black children and education and corporate response to social justice.  


We have successfully conducted racial reconciliation workshops with a couple of Atlanta Fortune 300 companies.  Our facilitators are experienced experts in their fields, and they bring invaluable wisdom and skill building resources.

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