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Engaging in conversations that lead to transformation

- Dr. Michael Patterson

What is a Peace Maker?

As our world becomes more polarized by racial tension and political division, the need has never been greater for those who are willing and able to bridge the gap and foster authentic reconciliation and unity. We need those who are able to establish a common ground for communication and understanding. We need those who are eager to disrupt the illusion of false harmony and sow the seeds of true peace. We need Peace Makers. 


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Want to make a difference? Learn how you can take the next steps to gain the skills needed to make an impact in your community and draw people together.

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Be A Peace Maker, Inc. is 501 (c) (3) nonprofit organization.


Featured Content

Mekhi Perrin's Testimonial

Morehouse College's Student Government Association President & Peace Maker Ambassador, Mekhi Perrin, shares about the impact that Peace Maker has had on his life.


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Listen to conversations that lead to transformation by community influencers striving to be Peace Makers.


Dr. Mike Patterson has been an excellent consultant to the Thrivent Trust Company. Through his thoughtful “Peace Makers” approach, he has helped our associates have greater awareness of the issues surrounding social justice. Dr. Patterson is more interested in winning hearts and minds than winning arguments. We have come away from his sessions with more understanding about the Black experience in America, and a desire to partner for positive change.


- Nicholas Stonestreet, CEO of Ronald Blue Trust


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